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ENTES is a technology brand, developing solutions Wherever Energy Is.. ENTES is an European technology company that works ardently since 1980 to manage the energy where energy is valuable and overcosting. As one of the leading enterprises in shaping the way of conducting business, ENTES transforms energy into a manageable concept so that business can be conducted at the lowest cost, thus providing new economical opportunities. Based on its own resources, ENTES takes advantages of qualified brain power and hard work with an aim of being pragmatic and also open to technological developments in the world. Hundreds of thousands of companies around the world manage the energy by using ENTES solutions. Consistent growth since 1980 the year it was founded, High quality standards and international certificates in world classification, Experience for overseas markets over 107 countries and a worldwide-recognized brand in the industry with office in Germany, Greece and India, Powerful and accrediated "Research and Development Centre" in the fields of Energy Efficiency and Quality, Yearly 120 person/hour function, 2640 person/hour type, 480 person/hour field tests applied for each new device at R&D level, Yearly 2,000,000 devices production capability in production plants with 12,000 m² closed area where state-of-the-art technologies are used, OEM manufacturing for companies that are worldwide leaders in their areas.
Tbi - telemobil, since 90's, has been operating as the information processing unit of ab group. With the aim of meeting the technological needs that develop in all sectors within the framework of prof
Onay is working with principles of high quality and innovation since it has been estabilished in 2004. We have founded our research and development department to design models which have user safety, high quality and easy to mount. Our research team is developing new technologies day by day to increase our users safety levels next step. Our unique bluetooth lightning rod (ONAY EXCLUSIVE) is a result of this work. We are presenting highest degree of safety with user friendly products by virtue of our investments on technology. We are producing our products with high quality principles which have been tested with international standarts. We are enlarging our product range day by day. We are a technology developer company which works with international standarts and as Onay we are appreciated to our users for making us a world brand. Onay Lightning meets its latest technology products with users almost in every region in Turkey with its own dealer network. Not only in domestic market, Onay Lightning has a very efficient sales network in international market, so Onay Lightning becomes a very well known brand all over the world. Onay Lightning develops its sales network day after day with its experienced sales representatives in domestic and international market and is always at your service. Additionally the company serves for various projects from the planning to starting up the system. With experted mounting team and engineers Onay Lightning deals with all commitments perfectly. Also with CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, ISO 10002, warrant of certificate that approved from ministry of industrial, test certificates approved from ODTU(METU), Onay Lightning’s all products are eligible for NFC 17102 standarts. Onay Lightning is the one of the most reliable firm in Turkey and meets your needs perfectly.
INKOL has started its production adventure in Izmir in 2007 and continues its production in its modern facilities with 2500 m2 closed area which is currently in ITOB organized industry. Adopting high quality production at international standards, Inkol has adopted the principle of responding to the demands of the customers with its understanding of customer satisfaction. INKOL PANO, observing the deficiency of panel production in the developing electricity and automation sector and the demand is met by imports, was activated in the year 2007 in Izmir. INKOL PANO who knows the importance of domestic production for the national economy, started to announce its name rapidly in the sector by adding new products to its product range and raising its production standard. By producing wall type, vertical type, pult type and computer cabins applicable to low voltage equipments, it addresses a fairly broad area like energy distribution and management centers, factories and production areas, metallurgy and mining, airports, marinas, clever buildings, shopping malls. Its main objective is to be a solution partner to the firms who make applications in electricity and automation sector, to mmake exports by passing to modular enclosure manufacturing. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: Although INKOL PANO has newly entered the sector, it has achieveg to present 110 differnt designs to the market in a short time due to the importance it has given to Research and Development. We will also continue to add the new products observed to be missing at the consequence of the market researches we have made to our portfolio. It is closely monitoring the technology with the CNC Punch, conveyor paint furnace line, CNC hydraulic press, liquid seal pouring machine, hydraulic guillotine shears, eccentric presses, powder paint facility, phosphate facility, undergas welding, rivet center machine, insulation test instrument, grounding megger and multimeters. LOW VOLTAGE ELECTRICAL ENCLOSURES: Wall Type Enclosures: Yelken and Vira Series Standıng Type Enclosures : Sancak and Pusula Series Pult Type Enclosures : Pupa Series PC Cabins : Rota (Route) Series INKOL PANO who names itsenclosures by nautical terms, directed its route towards overseas with its high quality and meticulous work. GENERAL PRODUCT PROPERTIES: The vertical and Pult type enclosures and PC Cabins are produced as the frame and the front door being 2 mm, side, top and back iron sheets 1,5 mm and with poliurethane cast seal. And in the wall type enclosures, the sheet iron thicknesses vary between 1,2 and 1,5 mm according to their dimensions. The assembly plates are manufactured of galvanized sheet steel, and in covers and doors, DKP steel sheets are used. Since they are pre-painting surface processed and subjected to chemical protection, they show high resistance against corrosion. The entirety of our products are electrostatic powder painted. The color of our Standard products is Ral 7035. In the standıng types, the lock mechanism operates in a way to apply pressure from three points. Alsao, since poliurethane sealing technique which is the final point technology has reached, all our products are under protection against low and high pressure coming from all angles. In IP Protection Class; we are making production with 65 protection in Yelken Series , 6
Founded in 2005 in Izmir, Turkey, Pardus Elektrik Ltd. strives to provide affordable yet decent quality LED products to its customers under the brand name SAVK. All lamps and luminaires are tested during the production phase according to the IEC safety standards and also with the help of an integrating sphere consistency of photometric results are ensured.
Akgun Electrical & Engineering officially started its commercial life in 1983. Since the beginning the company continues its activities throughout Denizli, Turkey and in the international arena. As the real focus of our organization; If we summarize the opportunity to become one of the biggest successes of the Turkish Entrepreneurship ecosystem by shaping all the accumulation we have with the place and business model correctly with right time, place and business model we can say: We are an excellent team that creates inventions and innovative solutions in the electrical & engineering sector. Yes, because we manage it with professional lines in a whole teamwork. Akgun Electric & Engineering is an Innovative organization that inspires the soul of developing technology and provides innovative solutions to its customers, stakeholders and / or business partners.
Invest Engineering Co. Ltd was founded based long times experience in engineering and automation and now continues it's business activity under this name.We have many years of experience in Water Pumps Station, Medium Voltage Projects, Industrial Automation,Led Lighting Systems ,Solar Systems Projects,Cooling- Ventilation -Hvac Systems manufacturer and Energy Efficency Solutions .We are motivated by the challenges posed by customers working in demanding environments With developing and changing technology, user expectations are increasing constantly in the world, a company' s future is depending on client confidence, quality and services that offer high-quality products for the market. It's the main target of our company to think about the unique needs of each customer and respond to them so we have determined it as basic principles of our work. As a part of our project we use our combined experience and technical innovation in this sector. The accumulation of experience lets us use this technology not only in the newly established facilities, but also in the preinstalled ones and provide support of the system. Our vision is to become one of the fastest growing companies in the automation market in Turkey by providing reasonable prices, high quality and advanced technology. To success while keeping up with technologies, our team believes that every aspect of the efficient and observable system should be monitored and also we check products and installation at every stage, avoiding mistakes that's why efficiency and quality of our products will continue increasing. Our goal is entering local and global market using professionally modern technologies. Our company's main areas of expertise can be summarized as follows: Engineering and Automation Services Led Lighting systems Drinking and waste pump stations Driver and Softstarter sales, repair, commissioning, preventative maintenance Medium Voltage Soft Starters driver and device sales, repair, preventive maintenance, commissioning PLC and SCADA Solutions, Automation Machine, HVAC, pump, fan Water and Wastewater Automation Wireless Communication Systems Energy efficiency consulting Solar systems